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Soul Retrieval & Why its Necessary

Have you ever felt that parts of you might be missing, lost, or out of your body? To get even more specific- have you ever had the experience of feeling like you leave your body, have an "out of body" experience, or encounter a sensation of being "out there" during any time in your life?

If you have: its ok. In fact, it's fairly common. During times of trauma, abuse, or even caring for a sick loved one, we can quite literally "lose" unseen parts of ourselves. In our need to stay inside of our human body, one way to cope and stay alive is to mentally dis-associate. Over time, this can create tears and loop holes in one's auric field, coupled with soul fragments being lost and traveling outside of the human body or attached to someone else; creating an energetic cord between ourselves and someone else.

The good news is that we can call back into us any part that has been lost, missing, or floating outside of our human body.

And it can happen in just seconds!

All we have to do is be willing and able to accept the idea that this might be happening and allow for the process to take place. A ThetaHealing® session can address this exact issue and align your energy field in record time.

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